AFRICA; A Continent between the Cruxes of Freedom and Responsibility


In recent times, the quest for equality, equity and justice by everyone who have their root from the continent of Africa either by birth, through history and or through their appearance or colour of skin has increased astronomically. Several occurrences has shown that Africa and Africans are considered for back seat at several platforms, this prejudice, intimidation and of course vilification has frustrated a lot of promising brains out of track, while some who are strong-willed continued to battle with this marginalization when they are with their counterparts from other parts of the world.

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There are several myths associated with Africa and Africans, many of those myths have misrepresented the continent, destroyed the confidence of the citizens and limited several brains from opportunities and priviledges which would have boosted their productivity and enhance them to attain their full potentials. After critical analysis and research, three (3) of the most disturbing myths were carefully selected, opened up for discussion and therefore demystified. One of the most controversial myths is that Africa is tagged “black” and it is believed to be the basis on which the continent and the citizens are been addressed. The questions that might be going through your mind are found in this book.


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